Get to know our experts

We offer our customers the best possible experts of SAP systems and processes. We have grown from two people to almost seventy people and we provide a full range of SAP services. We always adjust our services to fit our customer needs and goals.



The base of our uniqueness is a committed group of talents who know both processes, applications and technology.

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Our application experts help you in developing your business processes, along with the solution and its integrations supporting the processes.

Our technical experts help you e.g. develop cost effective solutions for integrations. User interface development for desktop and mobile devices is one of our core strengths.

Our Basis team offers 24/7 support and development services to your technical landscape.

Who are we?

Our team has hands-on experience in business, which is why we are extremely well equipped to understand the different business environments' requirements and challenges.

  • Aki Pursiainen
    SAP application development
    +358 400 704 175

    Aki Pursiainen is experienced application consultant with strong expertise in business-wise full-stack development, from business process determination to graphical user interface development. SAP logistic modules are Aki’s specialty and he has developed them since 2000. He also has a sturdy experience from challenges set to the SAP systems by corporate restructuring as well as from SAP upgrade projects. Aki goes well with the team and is dedicated to enable customer value creation.

  • Anssi Lavonen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 833 4909

    Anssi Lavonen studies digital communications at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is doing his work placement at CastorIT. In his studies Anssi has concentrated in user interface design and user experience design and with these he is also working at CastorIT. Antti describes himself as a easy-going technology nerd.

  • Antti Vanhanen
    SAP Basis
    +358 50 327 4288

    Antti is a certified SAP platform specialist and technology architect. He has been participated in SAP implementations and maintenance work since 2006. Antti is known for his good attitude and customer oriented approach.

  • Ari Palin
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 347 0177

    Ari Palin is experienced application developer and consultant, who has worked with SAP applications since 2001. He is ABAP with Netweaver 7.0 certified. Ari has worked in several projects and services as a responsible technical consultant on the fields of system determination, implementation, testing and maintenance during various phases of the product lifecycle. He has mastered integrations, customized applications and version change implementations.

  • Arto Keskinen
    SAP application development
    +358 50 486 7556

    Arto Keskinen is a SAP consultant with focus on Production. Arto has more than 20 years of experience in process design, SAP ERP implementations and development. Arto is known for his expertise from the areas of SAP PP, APO, MM, SD and PM.

  • Asko Erwe
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 555 3979
  • Bhavesh Ratnam
    Technology and integrations

    Bhavesh has more than +10 years of consulting experience in SAP and has gathered extensive knowledge and experience for SAP-ABAP and Fiori covering most of the functional domain. He has worked in several implementation and support projects in various geographies in India, USA and Europe. He considers himself to be a good team player and like to apply previous knowledge and expertise to solve challenging problems.

  • Daniel Vorojeikin
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 702 3713

    Daniel Vorojeikin is an ICT expert who has been working as an Integration Consultant for international companies. As an SAP developer his main responsibilities were implementing interfaces between SAP and third-party systems using SAP integration platform and ABAP programming to meet customers’ requirements. He has led international SAP integration project and designed complex interfaces from functional specification to actual implementation.

  • Ebru Andersson
    SAP application development
    +358 50 325 5774

    Ebru Andersson has a long career as a SAP CO expert. Additionally, to her financial management expertise, she is an experienced trainer. Ebru has worked as a controller, through which she has gained experience in cost calculations, budgeting and product cost calculations. Since she knows internal accounting from both sides of the table her problem-solving skills are excellent.

  • Eero Nieminen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 074 3933

    Eero Nieminen is working as a senior consultant in the fields of technical and integration development. He is an experienced application developer and an expert who has worked with SAP applications since 2001. Eero’s experience includes numerous projects and responsibilities as a responsible, technical SAP consultant in requirements management, implementation, testing and maintenance.

  • Elina Koskinen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 353 6653

    Elina Koskinen is an UI developer, whose expertise is in mobile development and user-centered design. Recently, Elina has worked in retail SAP Fiori projects, with responsibilities in user experience and user design as well as user interfaces for mobile solutions.

  • Ged Stenman
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 342 7868

    Ged is a soon graduating student who works as a junior front end developer. In addition to usability, Ged is also specializing in creating user interfaces.

  • Heidi Hallamaa
    Business development and administration, DPO
    +358 40 546 0729

    Heidi Hallamaa’s 25 years of experience in ICT and SAP processes has given her broad and comprehensive project skills from several large and complex business & ICT transformation projects. Since 1995 Heidi has been working with SAP processes and systems and possesses extensive understanding of SAP project management and SAP application management services. Heidi is methodical, very consultative and her communication is calm and clear. She likes people, and working with people in challenging tasks.

  • Ia Rinne
    SAP application development
    +358 40 546 1005

    Over 20 years’ experience in IT has given Ia Rinne strong tools and processes for project management and to bring complex IT projects into the goal. She has worked with SAP systems since 1995 and has cutting-edge expertise in especially in SD module and its integrations. She has strong know-how in migrating multiple industries and their best practices into SAP systems.

  • Jaana Oksman
    SAP application development
    +358 40 153 7075

    Jaana Oksman is a logistics consultant and she has been working with SAP logistics components since 1998. She has a wide experience of SAP-logistics especially in manufacturing industries in several countries. In addition, she has been especially recognized for her knowledge of business processes in different industries, abilities to manage the whole logistics chain and her co-operation skills. Her areas of expertise are WM, SD, MM, CS and warehouse integrations and user interfaces for warehouses.

  • Jani Huotari
    SAP Basis
    +358 40 563 6987

    Jani Huotari is a certified SAP BASIS consultant and a SAP architect, who has taken part in development and maintenance duties of the Finland’s biggest SAP environments since 2008. He has had many significant roles in SAP implementation and upgrade projects, where the customers have spoken highly of his design and coordination skills. His excellent attire and customer value driven method of operation have created strong rapport with customers. He is a natural team player and has excellent communication skills.

  • Jari Jokiniemi
    SAP Basis
    +358 50 484 2647

    Jari is experienced batch job management consultant with great attitude. Jari has more than 15 years of Control-M experience in telecommunications business. In addition to Control-M, Jari has also worked as a team leader.

  • Johannes Teppo
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 751 2347

    Johannes Teppo is a SAP technology consultant with strong background in development. His principal expertise lies at the crossroads of technology, integration and user interfaces.
    Johannes has developed methods for electrical data exchange for years and in the meanwhile has acquired broad know-how in customer driven development, integration and project management. Johannes follows actively technological advancements especially in platforms to provide better expertise and platforms for customer value creation.

  • Jonna Villikka
    SAP application development
    +358 40 481 1496

    Jonna Villikka is SAP SD and CS consultant and her core competencies are sales and distribution processes. She has worked in SAP projects since 2007. Jonna has practical experience in several different SAP modules, and she has also extensive experience in project management and in end-user training. Jonna's SAP experience is from retail and manufacturing industries.

  • Juha Mäki-Tanila
    SAP Basis
    +358 50 336 2909

    Juha Mäki-Tanila expands the Basis team expertise of workload management into a new level. Juha has almost 20 years of experience in BMC Control-M, for example he has implemented a HANA data center automation with Control-M. Juha has developed and maintained a wide range of solutions for workload management and he has participated actively into product development of Control-M. Juha’s technical abilities aren’t limited to one product but his technical knowledge is broad.

  • Juha Tuomala
    SAP application development
    +358 40 838 8135

    Juha is an SAP lead consultant with more than 20 years of experience in SAP logistics. He has experience of several implementation projects from Business Blueprint to after Go-Live support. Experience in modules MM, SD, LE and PP/PP-PI. He also has long experience in Logistics General module, especially Material Master, Customer Master, Vendor Master and Units of Measure.

  • Jussi Koivula
    SAP Basis and User support
    +358 44 372 4908

    Jussi Koivula is a new trainee at SAP Basis team. Jussi has multi-branch experience in versatile IT-support tasks and enjoys most problem solving tasks.

  • Jussi Simula
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 324 8289

    Jussi Simula’s core competencies are programming and user interface development. He has worked as a link between business, IT and offshore. Jussi is at his best in user interface requirements specification and user interface design.

  • Kalle Luokola
    SAP application development
    +358 503 720 779

    Kalle Luokola is a consultant specializing in supply chain management and has over 10 years of experience in process design and SAP ERP implementation and development. Kalle has been especially recognized for his wide-ranging expertise covering supply chain process design, ERP system design supporting these processes and SAP ABAP development for particularly demanding customer needs.

  • Karar Habib
    Technology and integrations
    +358 44 982 6665

    Karar is a junior UI developer who enjoys coding and teamwork.

  • Kari Aikioniemi
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 536 6677

    Kari Aikioniemi has strong and broad, +30 years of experience in software development.
    Kari has background of a SAP application developer and has designed and implemented SAP solutions for several customers, thus he has good understanding and hands-on experience of SAP’s processes and integrations. Kari is known for speedy and effective way of developing solutions for the clients.

  • Karri Kemppi
    Technology and integrations
    +358 207 350 530

    Karri Kemppi is an experienced technical SAP consultant and he has been working in SAP projects since 2004. Karri’s strengths include workflow and user interface design, as well as versatile expertise in many of the essential skills of SAP developers. Karri is particularly known for his in-depth approach for problems and always striving for the highest possible outcome.

  • Kiran Prasanna
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 470 7700

    Kiran is an SAP Certified Technical Consultant with profound development experience in the areas of SD, MM, FI, CO, PP, FMS, FnR, CPM, DBM and VMS modules. He has got around 6 years of SAP experience as a Lead developer and Team lead. He has worked as an ABAP Developer across industries such as Retail, Telecom, Logistics and Automotive. He has extensive working experience in all RICEF concepts. He is a certified ABAP 7.5 Developer and has a certification in ABAP on HANA.

  • Kirsi Parviainen
    Business development and administration
    +358 40 739 1559

    Kirsi Parviainen is a leading consultant in business development, sales and administration. Kirsi has extensive over 20 years of experience in IT consulting, sales and line management tasks and operations throughout the IT services lifecycle. Kirsi is known for her robust and effective management style and excellent customer service attitude.

  • Lasse Kemiläinen
    SAP Basis

    Lasse Kemiläinen is a senior IT specialist. He specializes in SAP Basis, Control-M and unix scripting. He has participated in developing and maintenance of largest SAP environments in Finland since 1997.

  • Laura Evilä
    Business development and adminstration
    +358 40 550 6611

    Laura has been working with SAP since 2006. For the past years she has focused to SAP Solution Manager and SAP BW & BI but she has also worked as a functional consultant within SAP SD and MM modules. Laura has profound experience in the public industry. She has participated in technology delivery projects in greenfield implementation but also in the upgrade projects. She has also worked in the system maintenance roles. The character of this work has been working as SAP BI/BW expert and developer in the projects as functional consultant, translating business requirements to technical system requirements and working as test coordinator and assisting project management tasks.

  • Lotta Ahlström
    Business development and administration
    +358 50 544 9123

    Lotta is a project management professional with 10+ years of experience in SAP development. As her background is in the business development at the customer side she has deep understanding of SAP project implementation from the customer perspective. Lotta has a systematic and effective approach to project management, which ensures that projects are implemented as planned. Lotta also possesses the ITIL (R) Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

  • Manas Behra
    SAP Basis
    +358 50 312 1520

    Manas Behra has years of experience in developing and managing SAP environments and platforms in European and American companies. Manas has also been responsible for a large team. He is an expert of Solution Manager. In addition, broad technology expertise of Manas includes hardware sizing, performance improvements and different types of technical platform development tasks.

  • Marika Okko
    Business development and administration
    +358 50 470 1229

    Marika is a development minded project manager with over ten years’ SAP-experience. Marika is a professional with holistic and profound insight for both project management and logistics processes.

  • Marko Lilja
    SAP application development
    +358 50 385 4523

    Marko Lilja is a certified SAP logistics consultant. Since early 2000 he has been part of several SAP projects from analysis to end-user support. Marko has wide experience of SAP processes from several industries and organizations. His core competencies are in SAP PM, CS and SD.

  • Marko Tallgren
    Technology and integrations
    +358 45 170 0110

    Marko is a soon graduating student who works as a junior developer. Marko is concentrating on SAPUI5-development and the architecture of SAP.

  • Martti Hietalahti
    CEO, SAP application development
    +358 40 566 8905

    Martti Hietalahti founded CastorIT in 2010 with his collegue Mikko Wähäsilta to provide customer driven services for organizations utilizing SAP ERP systems. Martti is a consultant specialized in logistics. He has worked with SAP logistics components since 1998. He has taken part in international projects in Sweden and Russia. Martti’s areas of expertise are for example WM implementations, SAP Upgrade projects and corporate restructuring projects.

  • Mikko Wähäsilta
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 589 5440

    Mikko Wähäsilta is the co-founder of CastorIT. Mikko is a consultant specializing in technical development and integrations. Mikko’s previous tasks have been architecture solutions, system specifications, development and quality management. Despite his technical knowledge Mikko is accustomed to discussing with business experts in a common language. Mikko has a vast experience from both the public and the private projects.

  • Neea Helenius
    Business development and administration
    +358 40 846 5372

    Neea works in administration and her responsibilities include invoicing among other tasks.

  • Outi Huldén
    SAP application development
    +358 50 469 7665

    Outi Huldén is a financial accounting expert and a SAP consultant. She has worked with SAP FI related tasks since 1997. She has gathered a vast experience from accounting as well as from both the public and the private sector projects. Outi is an experienced team lead and a project manager with excellent track record. Multicultural environments empower Outi and she believes that the best solutions are created though a collaborative dialog.

  • Panu Turpeinen
    SAP Basis
    +358 45 898 3232

    Panu is experienced workload automation administrator/consultant with good team player abilities. He has over nine years of experience from Network Management Systems and related softwares while working for major Telecom company. Later on he has worked nearly 10 years with BMC Control-M Scheduling and Monitoring tool administering big and challenging Control-M environments from system level to workflow planning and implementation.

  • Pauls Zvirgzdins
    Technology and integrations
    +358 207 350 530

    Pauls Zvirgzdins is a certified SAP professional with expertise in analyzing business and technology processes, requirements management and implementation. He knows the features of Solution Manager 7.2 and in CastorIT he has been developing simplified concepts for Solution Manager.

  • Pekka Laukkanen
    SAP application development
    +358 400 789 547

    Pekka Laukkanen is SAP consultant specialized in production planning, who works on the crossroads of the code and the business; an entity formed of small individual components. Pekka believes that understanding the world on three levels — the code, the application and the business — brings out huge benefits especially in an SAP environment.

  • Rita Muttonen
    User support
    +358 40 529 2717

    Rita is experienced and customer-oriented service desk expert. Rita has a strong knowledge of logistics processes and maintaining SAP-environments.

  • Sami Mäkinen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 729 6253

    Sami Mäkinen is a technical SAP consultant that has worked as a SAP developer since 2003. Sami is known for his clear vision and systematic approach which guarantees problem solving with excellent quality. Whether it is ABAP development, mobile development, conversions, reports or forms, workflow or interfaces, Sami is the right choice.

  • Samuli Kaisanlahti
    SAP Basis
    +358 40 577 2003

    Samuli Kaisanlahti has worked with different SAP environments since 1999. Samuli has participated in the biggest SAP implementation carried out in the Nordic Europe where he worked in architecture and management positions. Nowadays Samuli is focused on SAP BASIS consulting, from which he has an excellent track record. Throughout his career customers have trusted his leading and management skills to get the job done.

  • Sanjay Sahita
    SAP Basis
    +358 40 132 7151

    Sanjay Sahita is an SAP BASIS –consultant specialized in databases. Sanjay has amassed a vast international experience from various jobs around the globe and has led BASIS operations in Denmark. Sanjay has received excellent feedback throughout his career and he has strong references from challenging projects.

  • Sanna Karttunen
    SAP application development
    +358 50 387 6290

    Sanna is a FICO consultant and has experience from assignments on global SAP rollout projects and various system development projects. She has had a role as a FICO competence manager with responsibility for coordination of SAP knowledge in a work team. On the business side, she has worked as a controller in company reporting and as a FICO concept owner with responsibility for coordination and planning of SAP system development according to corporate requirements and reporting principles.

  • Sari Ruokonen
    User support
    +358 408 202 568

    Sari Ruokonen strengthens continuously expanding Service Desk of CastorIT. She has experience in SAP since year 2000 as a SD module user and key user. Sari has also worked several years in SAP user support and she has experience in management of batch processes and SAP archiving.

  • Sari Kanninen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 40 577 2158

    Sari Kanninen strengthens technology team with her expertise in integrations and application development. Sari has worked with SAP since year 2000 as an expert in several types definition, implementation and maintenance services.

  • Seppo Mäki
    SAP application development
    +358 50 531 8989

    10 years of experience form process modeling and systems integrations grant Seppo Mäki with excellent SAP expertise. He has participated Finland’s biggest SAP implementations and is fluent with processes in the Retail and the Manufacturing industries. Seppo follows the details and forms the entity efficiently.

  • Sikke Klemetti
    User support
    +358 50 527 7286

    Sikke Klemetti works for Service Desk in CastorIT. She has extensive experience in SAP solutions and management of batch processes. Sikke is organized and customer-oriented person and she is motivated by working with different kind of people.

  • Susan Lindroos
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 476 6750

    Susan is a junior SAP software developer, who has been doing a lot of software development before starting with SAP.

  • Susanna Broman
    Business development and administration
    +358 40 758 3868

    Susanna Broman has over 10 years of experience in IT consulting, sales, implementation of projects and services and maintenance. She has defined and implemented SAP BW solutions for different industries. Susanna has excellent customer service skills that will help her in her tasks in service and project management.

  • Susanna Kuisma
    SAP application development
    +358 40 137 9956

    Susanna Kuisma is experienced SAP Logistics consultant with wide expertise on various SAP modules in SAP logistics area. She has been working in several implementation and deployment projects in several roles in international teams since 2002.

  • Suvi Pappi
    SAP Basis
    +358 50 441 0425

    Suvi has been working with SAP since 2006. Suvi has in depth experience in the field of test management, but her core skills are in SAP security. She possesses a strong sense of responsibility and personal drive to always deliver quality work.

  • Taija Tolonen
    Business development and adminstration
    +358 40 561 1857
  • Tarja Majantie
    User support
    +358 40 524 9581

    Tarja works at CastorIT service desk. She is experienced in managing SAP-applications and problem solving. Tarja is a systematic person with ability to familiarize herself with customer’s issues.

  • Tarja Parkkonen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 50 567 1683

    Tarja Parkkonen is an integration and technology consultant with extensive expertise in various SAP interface projects. Her core competencies are interface design together with customers, implementation and testing of interfaces, customer support, documentation and pre-production preparations. Tarja has extensive experience of different communication technologies and information formats and she is SAP PI certified.

  • Teemu Niskanen
    SAP application development
    +358 50 476 6670

    Teemu is working as a junior SAP consultant. Teemu has previous experience from C4C and marketing cloud implementation -project.

  • Thomas Pfister
    SAP Basis
    +358 44 549 7595

    Thomas Pfister has arrived to SAP Basis team through SAP Professionals training program. He strengthens the team with his customer service attitude.

  • Tiina Kuuteri
    SAP application development
    +358 40 043 8406

    Tiina Kuuteri is an SAP consultant specialized in process definitions and creative problem solving. She has extensive knowledge in material and quality management practices since 1980’s when she started her career in IT development. Tiina is known for her abilities to understand the big picture and make sure everything is taken care of.

  • Timo Lahtinen
    Technology and integrations
    +358 400 305 340

    Timo Lahtinen is an SAP technical consultant, who has worked with the SAP since 2000. Before his SAP career Timo worked as a software developer, which strengthens his expertise in technical components and integrations. Timo’s specialties are the SAP process modification and the production of customer driven solutions.

  • Tomi Ollila
    SAP Basis
    +358 40 736 7569

    Tomi Ollila is a technical architect with experience in SAP Basis and database management since 2003. He has gained extensive experience in working as a SAP Basis consultant and as a technical architect with different service providers and industries. Tomi uses his knowledge of SAP technologies for creating better customer value.

  • Tomi Ohtonen
    SAP Basis
    +358 44 360 4097

    Tomi Ohtonen strengthens the SAP Basis team with his practical knowledge of logistics and his technology education. Tomi concentrates on SAP Security; His special skills are in SAP Fiori Launchpad authorizations and configurations.

  • Tuula Manelius
    SAP application development
    +358 40 930 2525

    Tuula has long experience of SAP CRM solution development in many various intrustries. Tuula has also implemented SAP Hybris C4C solutions.

  • Vinod Bhat
    SAP Basis
    +358 40 507 3735

    Extensive experience from system lifecycle design and maintenance grant Vinod with an excellent background for SAP BASIS consulting. Vinod has a vast experience from both the public and the private sector and international postings from Mumbai to New York.

14.10.2019 SAP FINUG Autumn event 17th October, 2019

Come and meet us in the event and listen our experience in e.g. S/4HANA transition paths.

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31.01.2019 SAP Quality Awards 2018 finalists published

CastorIT had a chance to support Vilakone (part of Wihuri Group) in its SAP implementation. The Project is now participating to European level competition in Innovation  project category.

All finalists are listed here

04.10.2018 SAP FINUG autumn event 25th October, 2018

Come and meet us in the event and listen our experience in e.g. SAP Best Practise processes in S/4HANA 1610 implementation.